Mike Huttner

Language: A Rational, Scientific Overview

Abstract: Philosophers have been using words since before the time of Plato without any rational understanding of them whatsoever. Key terms such as truth, proof, knowledge, evidence, object, concept, etc. have been evoked by countless people in countless contexts and yet, remain undefined- until now.  The importance of unambiguous definitions in Science cannot be understated, for consistency is impossible without clarity.  However, language can often appear daunting to somebody who doesn't understand language's fundamental categories.  Without understanding that all terms ultimately refer either objects or concepts, language is a confusing mystery. What words mean in Science can never be a mystery, because using a word assumes a meaning, and using a word without a clear referent in mind is ignorant at best and pretentious or deceitful at worst.
Bill Gaede
The Rope Hypothesis rationally explains dark matter, black hole and Big Bang 
Abstract: The black hole and the Big Bang are two pillars of contemporary General Relativity. Week after week, we read about them in the specialized journals and in popularization magazines. Closer inspection reveals that the term ‘black hole’ has yet to be defined scientifically. To pique the skeptic, mathematical physicists confess that they have never seen a black hole and have no idea whether these can even be classified as celestial objects. For its part, Big Bang is a modern Creationist theory that rivals ancient shepherd tales of traditional religions. The Rope Model of light and gravity offers a rational alternative for phenomena attributed to invisible black holes and the surrealistic Big Bang.
Stephen Crothers 
Einstein’s Relativity and the Sun: The Physics of Fallacies 
Abstract: On an almost daily basis there is a report released with fervour and fever that yet another black hole has been discovered by astronomers and astrophysicists, inside an expanding universe. Usually it is a supermassive black hole, but according to the cosmologists their black holes range in size from microscopic to ‘ultra-supermassive’. So pervasive are the ideas of black holes and Big Bang cosmology, from which the universe allegedly created itself out of nothing, some 13.8 billion years ago, and which is expanding, so the story goes, that they are included in high school curricula and even children’s books. The media never reports anything that questions these notions, as though they are unassailable established scientific facts in accordance with the authority of Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity and therefore not questionable. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is a fact that nobody has ever found a black hole anywhere, and a fact that nobody has ever detected or measured expansion of Einstein’s imaginary 4-dimensional spacetime. Not only that, black holes and Big Bang universes are entirely mathematical constructs that have no valid basis in physics. Similarly, it is taught in high schools and at universities all over the world that the Sun is a hot ball of gas. As they do with black holes and Big Bangs, popular science magazines and encyclopaedia reiterate the gaseous model of the Sun. Nonetheless, physical evidence thoroughly attests that the Sun is condensed matter, not a hot ball of gas. Complicated mathematics is employed by scientists so much so that people who are neither scientist nor mathematician cannot follow their arguments. However, mathematics is not actually necessary to understand the salient issues. Elementary logic and a few simple well known scientific facts are all that are necessary to understand why black holes, Big Bangs, and the gaseous Sun are figments of irrational imagination and concomitant wishful thinking. thenarmis@yahoo.com

David Robison

The Rational Scientific Method and the Corruption of Science 
Abstract: The current version of the scientific method is useful but it does not enlighten us with explanations. The current method is based on correlations and predictions, neither of which entail having any understanding as to the mechanisms that produce such patterns. While it can provide practical benefits it also has a great potential to mislead with irrational theories. The Rational Scientific Method on the other hand is not concerned with practical knowledge, it is about producing explanations for phenomena using objects which can be illustrated as well as key terms which are defined unambiguously. There may not be any practical technological benefit to the approach but it does seek to satiate the unquenchable human desire to understand in a clear manner. Whereas the current version of the scientific method is easily corruptible by human, corporate, or governmental biases, and whereas it can be strictly controlled by the few journals through the unaccountable "peer review" process, and whereas it has been transformed largely into a propaganda tool, the Rational Scientific Method is the antedote that can allow us to wade through the ocean of misinformation and irrationality. The Rational Scientific Method takes science away from the democratic voting mechanism of the current method and returns it to where it belongs -- with the critical thinking of the individual. The Rational Scientific Method is a way to counteract what has been transformed into the most powerful propaganda tool available to those who want to control minds. We are not just challenging the specific theories of the mainstream, we are challenging their entire version of the scientific method in order to foment a revolution in how people think about science. 

2nd Rational Physcis Conference
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